Water Swivels
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Water Swivels for Diamond Core Drills are manufactred with pressure-sealed ball bearings, precision machined stainless steel spindles, and light weight aluminum bodies. All Water Swivels are made with precision ground shafts for ultimate performance and longevity. The water swivels is mounted into the tool holder of the machine and coolant is injected through the water swivel traveling down into the core of the core drill to which it is mounted. All core drills come with an adaptor that assures a secure fit to prevent run-out. Water swivels are available with different threads and mounts and are designed to give worry free performance. Several models are available in stock. Special size Water Swivels can be made upon request

Water Swivel sizes in stock
Water Swivel with 5/8" - 18 mount  and a 5/8" shaft  
Water Swivel with 3/4" - 16 mount  and a 5/8" shaft  
Water Swivel with    1" - 14 mount  and a 5/8" shaft
Water Swivel with Belgium mount  and a 5/8" shaft
Water Swivel with Morse taper shafts